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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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,, ,, i just one of several suspicious fires on green mountain. a highlands ranch mother bought a gun hours before killing herself and her children. an aurora family turns to police for help but say they were victimized again. >> in that moment, everything went horribly wrong. >> just because you have a camera doesn't mean your
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new developments, investigators calling monday's roaring fire on green mountain suspicious. and they tell us there have been at least four others in the past month. neighbors just met with the fire department. to get the latest on the investigation. our stan bush live on green mountain tonight. this fire is really shaking people up around there. >> reporter: there's already a lot of reason to be concerned. it has been so dr that a winter wildfire is more expected than surprising. to think somebody is setting them on purpose is unsettling. flames could be seen across the metro area, force hundreds of families -- forcing hundreds of families from their homes. >> i smelled smoke irk saw it, i went oh, man! >> reporter: george's property still smells of the fire. he had an hour to grab valuables.
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it's a stressful thing. >> reporter: this was the fifth time this month west metro fire has had to extinguish a fire on green mountain. there is no doubt the fires are human caused. >> it's a little too much to be accidental. >> reporter: investigators do not know what exactly started the fire monday and did not call the fire arson. no suspect has been identified and no motive is known. what investigators do know is that with to neighborhood airs turned box ready to explode. >> reporter: the advice right
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suspicious, call 911. a mom bought a gun just an hour before she took her kids out of school. she shot herself in the family mini-van. her two sons also suffered gunshot wounds in the van. investigators stopping short of calling it a murder suicide. >> the boys' preschool released a statement. a family in aurora says they were victims of a violent crime, and things only got worse when the city mishandled the case. it's a story you'll see only on 4 tonight. jeff todd checking in live from peoria and parker. >> reporter: it was about 4:00 am about a month ago when a driver was at this intersection
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he was carjacked. he left his cellphone inside the car, and because of a smart phone app, police were able to track the car. they did not get suspect. >> i don't understand why they didn't catch them. i really don't >> reporter: lori says she's been dealing with a nightmare for a month since her son was carjacked. the car wound up in denver but the police never called them to tell them it found. they realized because. an app it had been impounded. >> it was $152. there was the gunman's gun and the ski mask he used in the carjacking. >> we process hundreds of cars a month. in this case there was some miscommunication where the car didn't get processed the way it was supposed to. we're very appreciative that the victim came out. >> reporter: she turned to her city councilman for help with
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and we shouldn't have to pay that fee. he offered to pay the fee to me out of his own pocket. >> reporter: high-level city officials and police leaders said they would not refund the impound fee. >> one of the e-mails just stated this is city policy, we cannot reimburse this. >> when we have issues like this come to our attention, we're gonna make sure that it gets brought back down to the level of where the very committed. >> reporter: there is an appeals process to get that fee back but it requires at least one hearing in front ever a judge. she says it's not worth it. we talked to the city council and he hopes his colleagues will realize that this policy is affecting crime victims. a high school teacher under arrest charged with two counts
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teacher and soccer coach at westminster high. the school called police after another employee reported odd behavior between forbes and a female student. porch pir are staying busy -- pirates are staying busy as packages disappear all over denver. purchases are starting to be delivered and they c an easy target for thieves. karen morfitt is followinghe we know more homeowners are installing surveillance cameras. does it seem to be helping? >> reporter: well , denver police it does help, and they do investigate every report that comes in. those that come with strong evidence from a camera like photos of the suspect or the car are more likely to lead to an arrest. >> they've already taken a tv and some other packages >> reporter: chris's surveillance system typically works as a deterrent for thieves. >> i think between the cameras
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visibly in the porch and the security sign on the front, it's helped a lot >> reporter: thursday morning the reward was greater than the risk for this group of porch pirates. their scheme was caught on camera, targeting this fedex truck, then waiting until the delivery is complete. >> it ends up be the passenger of one of the two vehicles. >> reporter: just a few blocks away they caught a similar theft onhe this criminal shows up at 6:00 am to sift through their mail. he comes with another package in hand. >> looks like he'd already been to somebody else's house. >> reporter: it's not a new crime. but it is becoming more common. and the response from homeowners is often security cameras. >> really invaluable to us. and this video is high definition. so it really helped us to identify a person. >> reporter: officer gibbs says not every video will lead to an
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more likely they are to track down the suspect. >> we're gonna look into it. >> reporter: if do you have cameras or are thinking purchasing some, there are a couple of things that you docked to make them more effective. put them in a place that they are visible to thieves to deter them from coming on your porch in the first place. if you don't want to put them somewhere where they can be seen, put a sign up that lets people know someone is watching. immigrants and refugees in aurora getting questions answered. city leaders hosted a public meeting in hopes of easing some of the community's occurrence after the election. lauren dispirito was there tonight. aurora's diversity makes it a good collection for this discussion >> reporter: with more than 130 languages spoken in aurora public schools, it is one o region's most diverse
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and refugees report feeling heightened anxiety since the presidential election, community leaders hope to combat that concern with information and resources. >> reporter: for annabelle aguilar who works with immigrant families andab immigherself -- an immigrant herself, thursday's meeting provided a chance to learn. >> some of our families are expressing -- what is gonna happen if i i'm an immigrant, what are the next steps? >> reporter: she joined more than 100 people at aurora central high school to hear experts answer questions about immigration. >> make sure i get that information to let them know please continue to think it's safe and definitely get them connected. >> reporter: aurora's police chief told the crowd it's an area in which his officers will play no role. >> i'm gonna make that really
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we don't care. we don't care. we're not here to enforce immigration. we're not here to detain people for immigration reasons. >> reporter: mets went on to address recent incidents of bias-motivated crimes saying the city will not tolerate such hateful actions. first now the thank you rallies. what the president elect is promising now. a disabled inmate dies in a colorado jail. >> he wasn't cared for at all. >> his family wants to know why he was denied access to the medical device that could have save his life. and a new take on bedroom eyes. a surveillance camera records a shocking invasion of privacy. >> snow slow to develop around our state but we did catch some
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tonight. when genuine snow and very cold air comes into denver! >> the buffs have arrived in santa clara for tomorrow's
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donald trump kicking offer his so called thank you tour to thank voters for their support. in cincinnati he announced his pick for retired marine corps general james mad mattis. he is known for his battlefield experience. trump pledged to bring the country together after the divisive election. >> we condemn bigotry and prejudice in all of its forms. we denounce all of the hatred. we're gonna come together. we have no choice. and it's better. >> trump tudor a heating and
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plant in indiana where he negotiated a deal to save hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. county clerks across wisconsin are recounting votes from the presidential election. most counties will be handcounting the ballots now. jill stein raised enough money to pay for recounts in three states. tonight a cbs4 investigation into the death of a developmentally disabled man. he died on the floor of colorado jail. brian maass wanted to know if his death was preventible. the one thing that may have saved his life was taken away. >> reporter: he was not what he appeared to be. >> he was a childlike male with an iq of 52. >> there's something at the bottom there i want you to see. >> reporter: although 24 years, he was so developmentally disabled, he functioned at the
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suffered from epileptic seizures and parkinson's. his mother tiffany marsh. >> he was neglected to death. and i will stand by that for the rest of my life. >> reporter: in 2013 and 2014 he was listening at the grand junction regional center. several times police were called when he became violent. the last time he was arrested there in 2014, it was for fighting and acting sexually inappropriate. heen jail. >> my son wasn't cared for at all. i did not know my son was gonna die in jail >> reporter: due to his seizures, he had what's known as a vagus nerve stimulator in his body. it's like a pacemaker for the brain. they swipe a bracelet over the stimulator. that triggers electric impulses to the brain, stopping the seizures.
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life-saving bracelets were confiscated. and even though he told them about his seizures, a deputy filled out a form saying he had no medical needs and no mental health problems. he suffered several seizures before one of them killed him. >> you think his death was preventible. >> oh, god, yes. they took his vaguus nerve stimulator and look locked it away from him, from the nurses where no one could use it in a case of emergency like it's supposed to be >> reporter: our investigation found these pictures taken at the jail when he died that show no wrist magnets. due to the lawsuit, the department would not talk about why he was not aloud to have his bracelet. other jails are talking. >> wield absolutely allow them.
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bracelets. >> we have a female inmate who's been with us since february who has it in her system. >> it's readily available? >> readily available. >> they need to recognize this is a medical device. >> reporter: david lane represents but ford's family. >> it could have stopped the seizure or mitigated it. >> i'm extremely sad and scared, scared for any other person who is in jail in a >> i miss him every day and they took him away from me, his brother and his sister. [ crying ] >> most jails we contacted said they've never had a prisoner with an implant and bracelet but most told us they would allow the inmate to use it if it was medically necessary. maybe a couple snow showers, slow to develop, not much going on.
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across the area. not much going on right now, maybe larimer county, down into jefferson county. that's about it. 5:00 am, clear to partly cloudy skies, no moisture. here comes the surge of moisture from the south! and you can see it all over the southern mountains and into the southeast. and along the front range, some of this might spill and give us scattered snow showers but it's not gonna last long. saturday, clearing skies across the state. into sunday, not a cloud in the sky. sunshine until 5:00. to the north, clouds and moisture, that's our next big change. they were sunny today for that cleanup.
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area. big old system in alava, gonna dive into our state, cold air with it, well below the freezing mark for the highs, and it's always gonna bring us some snow! as we look at what we did today, not all that be. 41 and 43. 45 is normal. 16 at the airport. 23 downtown. 19 is 27 and 26 right now, southeast breeze at 7. 48% humidity. pretty shot here. look at the colors in that sunrise! and look at this from tom watson. beautiful shot at telluride, opening tomorrow. and this is purgatory mountain record, already open. temperatures mostly in the teens
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plains. and tomorrow cooler around here, 30s and 40s for the east. 20s and 30s for the mountains, and 20s and 30s out west. here is that denver forecast. for tonight increasing clouds, 21 and 19 for the morning lows. tomorrow a few scattered snow showers. warms up for the weekend! near 50 by sunday, 43 on monday, here comes the change! tuesday, 22 degrees! good chance for sno quickly. wednesday the cold air stays behind. we moderate to temperatures slightly. a landlord in col springs is facing criminal charges after being caught on camera having sex on a tenant's bed. the renter was away using a smart phone to check a home security camera when he saw his landlord doing the unthinkable.
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complete and utter disbelief. i said honey, i think we need to move, like immediately. >> good call. investigators are checking to see if this might
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this home stand, tu into a train wreck. hosting columbus tonight, playing from behind, down 2-0 in the 2nd. on the power play, cuts the lead in half. and henly, first nhl game, first nhl goal! avs rally to tie it. in the 3rd, they turn it over in front of varly and the blue jackets this goal was reviewed and waved off for a high stick. avs lose a fourth straight at home. trevor siemian still in a walking boot and not even participating in walkthroughs at practice. we'll see if that changes tomorrow. at this point it certainly seems more likely that it will be paxton lynch getting the start sunday in jacksonville. we get to see
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each day and nothing to really gauge any progress that he's made since his first start in october. but the denver defense get s to see a lot more. >> he's always playing with big confidence, being a younger guy. but he's one of them guys that krbltds to the team and plays well if he plays. and all wait doing well, and he always bring that factor of stringing plays out. >> we see him every day in practice, he's on the roster for a reason. if paxton has the go, we're 100% comfortable with paxton. mike mcintire named walter camp national head of the year today.
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coach to raft honor. they got a police escort into santa clara and got to check out levi stadium. not a lot of people expected the buffs' season would end up here. for those inside the program, they're not even -- they aren't just happy to be there. >> i think we put colorado back on the map and gave us an opportunity to build the program like it wants to be built. so that's exciting. our main goal is to win the pac-12 championship. i would definitely say it's a successful there's levels of success. our goal is to get this done. and if we do that, it'll be an exceptional year. >> poll result, if the buffs win, would you rather bamma in the playoffs? 57% say bring it in.
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a tale of two tigers in the bahamas today. four birdies and made the burn at 3 under. issues on the back 9 as he double bogeyed two of his final three holes. the other result, 1 over par 73. explode for like two weeks. so easy to do, we saw thousands of versions. and now it takes a lot for one to actually impress us. an in-game mannequin challenge from a high school playoff game in california! [ laughter ] >> the team lining up for a 2-point conversion when they strike a pose for a couple seconds before spreading out the complete successful trick play. not a scrimmage, not a practice.
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and dell oro pulled it off to perfection and easily won. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> they should have had a mannequin challenge of their own. make the buffs will try it. >> that would be aggressive.
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a picture of the day from the rocky mountain arsenal, looking back at our fine city. never far from the wildlife. >> wow. amazing what they have done to the arsenal site. >> you bet.
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it's time for your host -- byron allen. rick kaiser. mick flores. now a man who you tivo'd so byron allen! ? >> all right. lot going on. lot going on. a consumer watch group has put out a list of the most dangerous costumes for kids to wear on halloween.


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